A missing elderly man has been found in Sabah

KOTA KINABALU – A 94 year old man who went missing in Tamparuli on Sunday (9th June) was found safe after 24 hours.

Sungkit Akup, who was last seen a kilometre away, was discovered covered in mud.

Mohd Amit, the chief of Tuaran Fire and Rescue Services Station said that a distress call had been received at 3:02pm on Sunday. The victim was unable to return home after leaving at 5:55pm on Saturday (8th June).

A team of nine men led by Azran Jull as the operations commander was sent to the site, which is located 11km away from the station.

“He was discovered by a villager who was walking through the area where it was found at 4.29pm.

Mohd Nor said, “We learned that the victim was in a stable condition and had difficulty walking when he found him.”

The victim was then sent to Tuaran Hospital in order to be treated.

In a separate incident, on Sunday morning, firefighters had to carry a female mountaineer down Mount Kinabalu after she twisted her leg.

After receiving a distress signal from a mountain guide, a team of eight men was dispatched, led by Reason Justin. The team consisted of two members from the station and 6 from Mountain Search and Rescue.

Ridwan Mohd Taif, chief of the Ranau Fire and Rescue Services Station, said that the team reached the site, which was two kilometers away, after 22 minutes.

The victim had slipped accidentally and injured her left leg. He said that she was taken from Kilometre Six up to the Mount Kinabalu climbing starting point, Timpohon Gate.

The operation was stopped at 1.55pm after the victim was sent to the hospital district for treatment.

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