A mother of two fulfills her childhood dream to be a police officer

KUALA LUMPUR – Siti Faruz Abdullah (32), grew up wanting to be a cop.

Siti Faruz married after she became an adult and had two children who are now eight and nine years old.

“My father is a policeman, so I have been interested in the subject since I was very young.

“I’m grateful to my husband for supporting me when I joined police forces in order to ensure safety and security throughout the country.

Siti fairuz, who was not expecting it, also won the award for best trainee sergeant in her group of recruits.

She said, “I didn’t have any targets when I started my basic police training. But it is an amazing surprise to be named as the best overall trainee,” after the graduation ceremony held at the Police Training Centre here in Pulapol on Friday (7th June).

She said that she also felt sad about being away from her family for nine months in order to attend training.

She said: “However I am grateful my sacrifices and commitment to my training were not in vain.”

Siti Faruz graduated with 247 other trainee sergeants from the basic police training. The graduation ceremony was held on Friday.

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