A MPV accident near Tawau kills a passenger in the back seat

KOTA KINABALU – A 70-year old pillion passenger was killed instantly when his motorcycle was involved in a collision with a MPV in Tawau, on Wednesday (5th June).

According to Asst Com Jasmin Hussin, the district police chief of Tawau, the 15-year old boy riding the motorcycle suffered injuries. The driver and passenger in the other vehicle were unhurt.

In a press release, he said that at 4.07pm the police had received information about the fatal accident on Kilometre 7, Jalan Tawau – Semporna. He added that the two vehicles were traveling along a road that had separate lanes that went in the same directions.

The investigation revealed that the accident happened around 3.55pm. Before that time, a man of 45 years old was driving an MPV with another passenger aboard,” said ACP.

He said that the MPV had arrived at Tawau Airport, and was headed to the city.

The motorcyclist was accompanied by his passenger and they were heading towards Kampung Blok 31, Jalan Apas. “The motorcyclist changed his course suddenly and entered the lane to the right upon reaching the stretch referred to,” said ACP Jasmin.

The MPV driver was unable to avoid the collision with the motorcycle, and as a result, swerved to the left of the road. As a result of this impact, the motorcycle also ended up being dragged left.

ACP Jasmin said that the motorcyclist suffered serious injuries and lost a leg (right) on the spot.

Section 41(1) (of the Road Transport Act of 1987) is investigating this case for death caused by reckless or dangerous driving.

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