A murderer convicted of a crime is being investigated for alleged sodomy in a KK prison cell.

KOTA KINABALU – A convicted killer is now facing a fresh investigation, after he was accused of sodomizing a cellmate in the central prison.

The Filipino suspect who received a recent 40-year prison sentence and 12 strokes of rotan after killing an eHailing driver five-years ago is said to be a serial sodomizer.

During these alleged incidents, it is reported that the victim had been threatened with an improvised sharp weapon.

According to reports, the victim chose to remain quiet out of fear that she would be killed by her suspect.

He told doctors about the alleged crime only after he was hospitalised and fell ill.

Asst Comm Kasim Muda, OCPD Kota Kinabalu said that they received a detailed report about the incident on 30 May and began an investigation on 31 May.

He said, “We are investigating the case under Section 377C (Penal Code)”.

The section 377C refers to sodomy that is committed against another person’s will or without their consent.

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