Act on Myanmar, says the PM

Asean is urged to deal with crisis that causes loss of life and displacement

KUALA LUMPUR – Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, Malaysia’s Prime Minister, has called on Myanmar to end the violence and the political marginalisation.

The Prime Minister stressed the importance of complying with the Five-Point Consensus (the 5PC) and expressed Malaysia’s commitment in working with other Asean members states and influential dialog partners to push peace, effective humanitarian mechanisms, and eventually political engagement by all relevant stakeholders.

The crisis in Myanmar is a difficult one to deal with, considering the death, displacement, and fighting.

“The message Asean must convey should come from a united voice.

He said that failing to act when there are ample grounds to believe that an Asean member state is breaking the spirit of the Asean Charter is a breach of our moral duties.

Anwar said Asean should facilitate and offer assistance through different methods to Myanmar, but that this could only happen when the various parties are ready.

“But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try more creative, multi-faceted tracks. Status quo changes.

The beginnings of a long and difficult conversation about the future of Myanmar are being held by the different stakeholders.

“This could include the possibility of a system similar to federation.” “While it’s not our job to decide what’s best for the people in Myanmar, we have a duty to facilitate whatever and wherever we can,” said he.

Anwar said that Malaysia would strive to lead the world with moral character as outlined in the principles of Malaysia Madani. These include a civil, inclusive and interconnected approach, aimed at celebrating the interconnectedness, when it assumes the presidency in 2025.

Malaysia has been the Asean Chairmanship four times – in 1977, 1997 2005 and 2015.

Asean signed the 5PC in 2021. It included calls for an end to violence immediately and for a more inclusive political dialogue.

Anwar said that Malaysia would continue to be a force for peace, progress and prosperity while maintaining strong and fruitful relationships with China and the United States.

He said that Malaysia will not tolerate violence in the world. He cited the conflicts in Palestine and Ukraine, the crisis in Ethiopia, and the conflict in Haiti.

“We are fiercely independently. We refuse to be defined solely by the view of major powers on the world. Malaysia will continue its efforts to achieve our national and strategic goals, as defined in our own terms.

He added that “Malaysia represents peace, progress, brotherhood, and, above all, the adherence to international laws and cooperation.”

Anwar emphasized the 50th anniversary celebrations of Malaysia’s diplomatic relations with China. China is the largest trading partner and investor in the country, as well as a bilateral and multilateral partner. He also highlighted the 10 year anniversary since Malaysia elevated the bilateral relationship with the United States into a comprehensive partnership.

“In this vein Malaysia maintains strong and fruitful relationships with both China, and the United States.

He added: “At same time, we’ll continue to pursue meaningful and productive relations with other partners – be they our longstanding and comprehensive strategic partners and friends in the Global South.”

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