After Putin’s remarks that he might arm the West’s enemies, Kremlin warns Kyiv’s supporters will suffer consequences

MOSCOW, Russia (Reuters) – The Kremlin warned on Thursday that Western countries who supply Ukraine with arms to strike directly at Russian territory would face serious consequences. This comes after Vladimir Putin announced he might arm the West’s enemies as a form of retaliation.

The Russian leader told senior editors from international news agencies that he was considering supplying long-range advanced weapons to Western adversaries in other parts of the world. These weapons would be similar to those which the West has given to Ukraine.

In his remarks, Putin mentioned that the United States and Britain had supplied long-range missiles to Ukraine. He hinted he could arm forces to fight their foreign interests.

“We think that if it’s possible for someone to provide such weapons in a warzone to strike against our territory and cause us problems, why don’t we have the right of supplying our weapons of that class to regions around the world that will have strikes on sensitive infrastructure of countries that do this to Russia?” Putin.

The response could then be symmetrical. “We will consider this.”

Putin’s remarks raised the possibility that Moscow could supply long-range missiles in conflict areas such as the Middle East to groups who oppose U.S. interests and British interests.

Dmitry Peskov, Putin’s spokesperson on Thursday, was asked if Russia would identify countries or regions that it might provide arms to in this manner.

“Of Course Not. “Of course not.”

Sources told Reuters that President Joe Biden had authorized Kyiv’s launch of some U.S. weapons against military targets in Russia. Washington continues to prohibit Kyiv from attacking Russia with ATACMS weapons, which can have a range up to 186 miles (325 km), or other long-range U.S. supplied weapons.

During a May 3 visit to Kyiv, British Foreign Secretary David Cameron told Reuters that Ukraine has the right to use weapons supplied by Britain to attack targets in Russia. It was up to Kyiv to decide whether it would do so.

Dmitry Medvedev – a former Russian president and deputy chairman of Russia’s Security Council – has become one of the Kremlin’s most outspoken Hawks. On Thursday, he elaborated what Moscow is considering. He said that Putin’s words represent “a very important change” in Russian Foreign Policy.

Let the US and their allies feel the direct use by third parties of Russian weapons. The names of these people or regions have been intentionally omitted, but could be anyone who believes that Pindostan is a derogatory Russian term for the United States and its allies.

They are our friends regardless of their political views and international recognition. They are our friends because their enemy is the US.

He said that “sensitive” facilities belonging to the US, its allies and other countries were on fire after they had been hit by Russian missiles fired from “third parties.”

“We will celebrate their success in using our weapons to strike at our common enemies!” Medvedev said.

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