Anwar promises to support civil servants

PUTRAJAYA – The Prime Minister assured civil servants he would defend them from those who question their actions while performing their duties.

Datuk seri Anwar Ibrahim has said that as long as civil servants perform their duties responsibly and well, he won’t succumb to the pressure of those who question or criticise them.

“I promise you (civil servants), this. As long as you are doing what’s right and good, I will be there to defend you.

“In some cases, we are forced to act against people who do not fulfill their duties.

He said, “I told Chief Secretary to Government that we would defend this person because he was performing his duties as an officer of the public,” at the Finance Ministry monthly meeting.

The Prime Minister stated that his directive to civil servants is clear: They must perform their duties with integrity.

“You will be defended by a prime minister.” I won’t give in to pressure. “You (civil servants), please do your jobs,” he said.

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