Apple AirTag helps US police recover stolen van

AirTags were used by Dane County Sheriff’s deputies to track the stolen vehicle on June 6 and two people were arrested.

Around 7.15pm, a Dane County resident reported her Dodge Caravan missing from Pleasant Springs. Apple AirTags inside the car sent real-time updates of the vehicle’s position to the woman’s mobile phone. Madison Police and deputies then used this information to track the van down to a Madison Liquor Store, according to statement by Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Elise Schaefer.

The 48-year-old driver from Madison was arrested for a pending charge: operating a vehicle without consent. The passenger of the driver, a woman aged 26 from Madison, was arrested for an outstanding warrant as well as a probation violation.

Deputies on the scene administered Narcan to a woman who was exhibiting signs of overdose. After she regained consciousness, she was transported to a hospital in the area for evaluation.

Both the man and woman were taken to the Dane County Jail. The Wisconsin State Journal/Tribunal News Service

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