Are We Smooth Yet? The Initiative to Enhance Browser Performance

Are We Smooth Yet


In the world of web browsers, the quest for a seamless user experience is never-ending. Mozilla, one of the leading companies in browser technology, launched an initiative known as “Are We Smooth Yet?” (AWSY) to address a crucial aspect of this experience: the smoothness of animations and scrolling. This article explores the AWSY project, its importance, and its impact on web browser performance.

What is “Are We Smooth Yet”?

“Are We Smooth Yet?” is a performance tracking project specifically focused on identifying and resolving issues that affect the smoothness of animations and interactions within the Mozilla Firefox browser. The project is part of Mozilla’s broader efforts to enhance user experience by ensuring that web content is not only accessible and secure but also fluid and responsive.

The Significance of Browser Smoothness

Smoothness in web browsers is crucial for a number of reasons:

  • User Experience: Smooth scrolling and animations make browsing more enjoyable and less frustrating.
  • Performance Indicators: Lag or jitter during navigation can indicate deeper issues with browser performance.
  • Competitive Edge: In a market dominated by several major browsers, performance enhancements like smoothness can significantly impact user preference and retention.

How Does “Are We Smooth Yet” Work?

The AWSY initiative employs a variety of tools and metrics to monitor and improve the rendering performance of Firefox. These include:

  • Performance Benchmarks: Establishing benchmarks for animation and scrolling smoothness.
  • Issue Tracking: Using automated systems to detect, report, and track issues that impact performance.
  • Community Involvement: Encouraging contributions from developers and users to identify and resolve performance bottlenecks.

The Impact of AWSY on Firefox

Since its inception, the AWSY project has had a notable impact on Firefox:

  • Enhanced User Interface (UI) Responsiveness: By focusing on smoothing out performance, Firefox has seen improvements in how quickly and smoothly pages render and respond to user input.
  • Increased Adoption and User Satisfaction: Improvements in performance often lead directly to higher user satisfaction, which can influence browser choice among new and existing users.
  • Community Engagement and Collaboration: The project has fostered a community of developers and tech enthusiasts who collaborate on enhancing browser performance.

Challenges and Future Directions

While the AWSY project has made significant strides, it faces ongoing challenges:

  • Evolving Web Technologies: As web technologies advance, new challenges in rendering performance emerge.
  • Hardware Variability: Performance can vary widely across different devices and hardware configurations, making universal improvements challenging.
  • Resource Allocation: Balancing the focus between performance improvements and other priorities like security and feature development is always a challenge for open-source projects.

The future of AWSY likely includes deeper integration with other performance initiatives at Mozilla, the adoption of newer, more efficient technologies for performance measurement and improvement, and continued community involvement.


“Are We Smooth Yet?” is more than just a performance metric; it’s a comprehensive approach to making the web feel as smooth as possible for users. By continually addressing the challenges of browser performance, Mozilla not only enhances the user experience but also strengthens the overall ecosystem of open web technologies. As web technologies evolve and user expectations rise, initiatives like AWSY will be crucial for maintaining and enhancing the competitive edge of browsers like Firefox.

Engage with AWSY

For those interested in the technical details or looking to contribute, visiting the AWSY page on Mozilla’s website provides a wealth of resources, including real-time performance data, discussion forums, and development tools. Engaging with this initiative not only helps improve Firefox but also contributes to the broader community of web performance enthusiasts.

By focusing on the intricacies of browser performance and engaging a community of users and developers, “Are We Smooth Yet?” exemplifies the impact of targeted performance enhancements and the importance of community-driven development in the digital age.

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