Armizan says that any price hikes following a targeted diesel subsidy would be investigated without delay.

Datuk Mohd Ali, who represents Petaling JAYA, said that the claims that certain sectors have raised their prices as a result of the targeted diesel subsidy which began on Monday (10 June) will be investigated immediately.

The Minister for Domestic Trade and Cost of Living expressed grave concern about statements made by various industry participants regarding impending service price rises.

In response to these concerns, he said that his ministry launched Ops Kesan v2.0 on Saturday (8 June).

In response to complaints made through designated platforms, he stated in a Tuesday (June 11, 2016) statement that “this operation will monitor and enforce the compliance with the Price Control and Anti-Profiteering Regulations 2011.”

Armizan stated that the investigation would focus on two major aspects in relation to the statements made by certain companies on Tuesday.

The Ministry will send notices to all parties concerned for sectors that are not covered by the 33 types and quantities of public transport or goods that fall under the Subsidised diesel Control System (SKDS), including vehicle towing and construction material delivery.

He added that “these notices are administered under Section 21 (Prices Control and Anti-Profiteering Act 2011) to prevent any unwarranted adjustments in prices which could be profiteering.”

Armizan stated that industrial sectors, such as construction, who have never qualified for subsidised diesel will be scrutinised.

He said that he would investigate the possibility of these sectors having illegally obtained diesel subsidised in the past.

On Tuesday, screenshots of notices from companies in various industries about price increases began to circulate on social media.

In a notice from several concrete suppliers, it was stated that prices had increased as of Monday.

In a notice, a supplier of building materials and hardware products said that its prices will also increase by 25% starting Monday.

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