Armizan says that Ops Kesan 2 will begin on June 8, in preparation for the diesel subsidy implementation.

KOTA BHARU – Ops Kesan 2 will begin on Saturday (8th June) in preparation for targeted diesel subsidy, according to Datuk Mohd Armizan Mohd.

He claimed that the operation was meant to stop profiteering, price manipulation and the use of the adjustment of diesel prices in petrol stations as an explanation.

The ministry will monitor and enforce the Price Control and Anti-Profiteering Act 2011 with a thorough approach.

He told reporters that anyone found manipulating service fees and prices would face harsh action.

This operation was a continuation to Ops Kesan 1.0 which was conducted in order to monitor the effects of the increase of service tax on March 1.

Armizan said that the authorities will use five new approaches for Ops Kesan v2.0, including the collection of price and service charge data beginning May 2 in order to compare before and after the targeted subsidies were implemented.

The ministry has established a 15-member task force at its headquarters to coordinate and solve issues that arise from the implementation of targeted diesel subsidy program.

He said that the Enforcement Command Centre’s operating hours would be extended daily by two hours from 9am until 10pm to allow for a prompt investigation into complaints regarding the Subsidised diesel Control System and price and service charges increases.

Armizan stated that the ministry has also implemented standard operating procedures to manage complaints related to prices, charges and supplies, including the follow-up action which must be taken in 24 hours after receiving the complaint.

“We have also provided a dedicated complaint channel at 012-6654292, or via WhatsApp at 019-2794317 / 019-8488000, the e-Aduan KPDN portal at, the call centre at 1-800-886-800, or through the Ez ADU KPDN app,” he said.

Armizan had earlier held an engagement session for over 150 petrol stations operators in Kelantan.

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