Azam: Azam to focus investigation on Selangor DRT awarding process

Tan Sri Azambaki, a leading anti-corruption figure in Selangor, said that investigations into the Selangor Demand Responsive Transit project (DRT) will be focusing on the way the project was allocated.

The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission’s (MACC) Chief Commissioner said, “Investigations continue and we are focusing our attention on the procedures for how contracts are awarded” after attending the book launch of Transparency International Malaysia (TIM) on Thursday (June 13, 2016).

He reiterated, however, that the MACC did not find any link between the Youth and Sports Ministry and its Minister Hannah Yeoh in relation to the awarding of the contract.

Asia Mobility Technologies Sdn Bhd (Asia Mobiliti’s) participation in DRT has caused public outrage. Several quarters have demanded that the Selangor Government reveal how Asia Mobiliti was awarded the DRT project.

The MACC said previously that it was looking into the process used by Selangor to award the project to the firm where Yeoh’s husband is chief executive.

MCA Youth had urged MACC in the past to conduct an open and transparent investigation of the DRT project.

MCA Youth sent a memo to a MACC representative on June 6 detailing the actions that they had requested the commission take.

The MACC was asked to examine, among other things whether Selangor had conducted a cost and feasibility analysis to approve this project.

MCA Youth filed a police complaint on the DRT Project as well, May 29, 2009.

Azam said earlier that there was nothing wrong as the project had been awarded by the state, and not Yeoh’s ministry.

Yeoh said on 1 June that she was pleased with the investigation into Asia Mobiliti which had provided a Proof of Concept (POC) to the DRT Project.

Azam also said that there have been no progress made in the search for Datuk Seri Mohammed Adlan Berhan. He is believed to be abroad.

He said, “He did not contact the MACC nor us to surrender.”

He said that MACC is working with Interpol, and other enforcement agencies, to find Muhammad Adlan. Adlan is the son-in law of former Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.

Azam stated that Muhammad Adlan had been charged with several crimes of criminal breach (CBT).

The businessman was not charged because he had left the country.

Muhammad Adlan’s lawyer Datuk Baljit Singh Sidu denied on Aug 9, last year that his client had been trying to evade the authorities.

Baljit’s client categorically denied that he is “a fugitive in the running.”

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