‘Be global player in green economy’

BETONG: Sarawak’s Premier says that the focus is on developing green energy to become a leader in the new economy.

Tan Sri Abang Johari Openg stated that plans to develop new energy materials, as well as new infrastructures and the takeover of current infrastructure, would also bring Sarawak nearer to its goal of becoming a center for Asean Economic Development.

He said yesterday, when addressing the Gawai ngabang program at the Betong division, “We will lead the new economy not only in Malaysia and among Asean nations, but around the globe.”

Abang Johari stated that Sarawak, following the Federal Government’s takeover of Bintulu Port, will develop new ports equipped with similar equipment to cater for future economic growth.

Bernama reported that he stated, “We will build what we call an Energy Hub at Samalaju (both in Bintulu), and Kidurong in Bintulu. We will also build the Trans Borneo Pipeline in order to supply gas across Sarawak.”

Abang Johari stated that these plans would create new employment opportunities, offering high salaries to highly-qualified and talented Sarawakians.

He stated that the Betong Division people will not be excluded from the development plan. This is especially true in terms of preparing young people to receive quality higher education, and developing their talents.

The Centre of Technical Excellence Sarawak, which is currently operating out of a rented facility in Betong, will be relocated to a new building.

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