Biden is expected to deny asylum to migrants at the US-Mexico border.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. president Joe Biden will sign a new border measure that allows authorities to deport or return to Mexico migrants caught crossing southwest border if the illegal entries exceed a certain threshold.

Two sources confirmed that the measure restricting asylum would come into effect once U.S. Border Patrol arrests exceed 2,500 per day. One source said that the illegal crossings must drop below 1,500 per a day in order for the restrictions on asylum to be lifted.

Minors who are unaccompanied will not be subject to the restrictions. The White House didn’t immediately respond to our request for comment.

This election-year decision is expected to spark legal challenges by immigrant rights and civil right groups that have criticized Biden for adopting policies hardline, which mirror those of former President Donald Trump, a Republican.

Biden has stepped up his border security efforts as the issue of immigration has become a major concern for Americans who are voting age in the lead-up to the Nov. 5 election where he will be facing Trump in a rematch from the 2020 campaign.

Biden was elected in 2021, promising to reverse some Trump’s restrictive policy. However, he had to deal with record numbers of illegal migrants. Trump has criticised Biden for rollingback his policies, and promised a broad-ranging crackdown should he be reelected.

The new U.S. regulations mirror a Biden supported Senate bill which aimed to prevent migrants from claiming asylum once the number of migrants caught illegally crossing reached a certain threshold. The bipartisan group of Senators drafted the bill, but Republicans rejected after Trump voiced his opposition.

In recent months, the number of illegal migrants caught crossing between the U.S. and Mexico border has dropped. U.S. officials attribute this trend to increased Mexican enforcement.

Claudia Sheinbaum, Mexico’s first woman president, was elected in a landslide on Sunday. She will assume office on October 1. Biden’s border restrictions may put pressure on Sheinbaum to reduce illegal border crossings. Sheinbaum is the successor of current president Andres Manuel Obrador.

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