Biden will condemn isolationism on the Normandy cliffs in an echo of Reagan

PARIS (Reuters) – Joe Biden, the U.S. president, planned to make a comparison between the threat posed by Nazi Germany and the current threats posed to the world by authoritarians and dictators.

Biden’s Normandy speech, his second within a few days, is intended to strengthen support for Ukraine. It is also expected as a rebuke against the isolationist tendencies of Donald Trump, Biden’s opponent in the Nov. 5, presidential election.

Biden’s speech will be a resounding echo of his Republican predecessor Ronald Reagan. In his D-Day speech in 1984, Biden said that democracy was “worth dieing for,” and stressed the desire of the United States for peace.

Jake Sullivan, Biden’s National Security Advisor, said that the President would draw a “through line” from World War Two to connect the Cold War with NATO’s launch and the current conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

He’ll discuss the stakes at that time, an existential struggle between a dictatorship or freedom. He will talk about those men who climbed the cliffs, and how…they put the country before themselves”, Sullivan said to reporters aboard Air Force One this week.

“And he will talk about the dangers in isolationism, and how if you bow down to dictators or fail to stand against them they continue to go and America and the rest of the world pay a higher price.”

Biden is currently in France on a five-day visit, which is a rare trip abroad in an election year when he faces off against the former president Trump, who has threatened to deport immigrants, punish political rivals and upset global alliances with a second term.

Trump has criticised the cost of support for Ukraine following Russia’s invasion. He proposed higher tariffs in line with his “America First” policies and questioned America’s decades-long commitment towards NATO, saying Europeans aren’t paying their fair share.

Biden called for the defense of freedom on Thursday and asked Western powers to support Ukraine in its struggle with Russia.

Biden’s presidency includes the D-Day anniversary and all events surrounding it. It is not a political event. They give Biden an opportunity to contrast himself against Trump.

Biden, who is 81 years old and the oldest person to hold the position, has tried to dispel concerns about his age, by focusing attention on the impact Trump could have if he were to win a second term.

Biden has described Trump’s supporters, who raided the U.S. Capitol, after the Republican refused to accept the Republican’s 2020 election loss as a threat against the U.S. Democracy.

Hard-right parties are growing in Europe, and Vladimir Putin, the Russian president said that he would be willing to deploy conventional missiles within range of the United States or its allies should they allow Ukraine to use long-range Western weapons against Russia.

Max Bergmann is the director of the Europe Russia and Eurasia program at the Center for Strategic & International Studies.

Biden, who met with World War Two Veterans in Normandy Thursday, plans to meet the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy on Friday.

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