Bukit Aman director of CCID says 27 influencers were arrested for allegedly promoting online gambling sites that are illegal.

KUALA LUMPUR – Cops arrested 27 social media influencers who were allegedly promoting illegal gambling websites.

Bukit Aman CID Director Comm Datuk Seri Mohd Shuhaily Mohd Zain said that the influencers – 23 women and 4 men – aged between 21-35, were arrested in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor on Thursday, June 13th.

Initial investigations revealed that gambling syndicates employed the suspects on the basis of their social media followers.

Each influencer receives between RM1,500 to RM8,000 for a single social media platform, based on the number of their followers.

He said at a Bukit Aman press conference on Friday, June 14, that “we believe each influencer has more than two platforms on social media”.

He said that 30 mobile phones total were seized during the operation.

Influencers not only promote their beauty products but also online gambling sites.

He said, “We think they were hired by several syndicates. They have been active for a little over a year.”

Comm Mohd Shuraily said that the police will continue to investigate in order to find out who hired the influencers.

He added, “We are investigating influencers in accordance with the Open Gaming House Act and Section 233 (MCMC Act) of the Malaysia Communication and Multimedia Commission Act.”

Comm Mohd Shulaily revealed that in another case, five people, including two girls of 12 and 17 years old, were arrested for promoting sexual stimulants, sex video and prostitution on social media.

“Those detained included a woman from the locality, two girls from the locality, an Indonesian man aged 20 and a woman aged 26.

Initial investigations revealed that the suspects, in addition to selling their “products”, would also have sexual relations with their clients for a fee.

The group is led by “Miza Ozawa”, a local woman of 27 years old who had a criminal record from assaulting her own mother.

He said that “She, along with two Indonesians citizens, were actors in sexually-explicit videos they were selling, while the girls, on the technical side, were helpers.”

He said that during the raid police seized RM30,000 in cash, a computer and several mobiles.

We believe that they earn about RM20,000 a monthly.

Each subscription costs between RM450 to RM550.

He said, “They were remanded to the 20th of June for further investigation.”

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