Bukit Aman police say they called a disabled ehailing driver to help with a disciplinary investigation.

KUALA LUMPUR – The disabled ehailing drivers, who claimed that a member from a VIP security escort assaulted him, were called by Bukit Aman to help with a disciplinary investigation.

Director of Bukit Aman Integrity & Standard Compliance Department Comm Datuk Seri Azry Ahmed said that the victim was accompanied by an interpreter and his lawyers to the Federal Police Headquarters at 11am, on Wednesday (5th June).

“We will examine the case in light of standard operating procedures to determine if there are any violations or wrongdoings by police officers and personnel in performing their duties.”

He said that the investigation was still in its early stages and that he would be calling in other witnesses in order to complete it.

He added that the investigation would be conducted transparently and without compromise.

Tan Sri Razarudin Husain, Inspector-General Police Tan Sri, had said previously that the police were conducting a thorough inquiry in this matter. They have also called up all the parties involved in the case including the officer who was involved in the incident.

Kuala Lumpur Police Chief Comm Datuk Rusdi Mohd Isa said that the police had received a complaint from the driver who was disabled at 1pm, on May 28,

Comm Rusdi stated that the victim filed a second report with the police at 9.59pm the same day. He claimed the matter was resolved amicably, and he didn’t want to prolong the investigation.

The victim claims that he received RM800 as a settlement.

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