CELEBRATING a Century of Excellence

Malaysian leading air conditioner brand Daikin celebrates 100 years of innovation and reliability for comfortable living

Daikin celebrates its centennial this year, a milestone that marks 100 years of innovation, dedication and quality.

Daikin is a household brand that has been synonymous with excellence and reliability in air solutions for over a century.

Daikin’s centennial celebrations not only celebrate its rich history, but also highlight its unwavering dedication to stay at the forefront of technology advancements, prioritising customers satisfaction, and championing sustainability initiatives.

Daikin Air Solutions celebrates 100 years

Lawrence Song, managing director of Daikin Malaysia Sales & Service Sdn Bhd, said that plans are already in place for the next century.

Song, who spent over 35 years working for Daikin in various roles, from entry-level to today’s managing director, credits the company’s global and Malaysian success to its focus on holistic air solutions.

He says that as an air conditioning company he prioritizes providing air solutions for any application, be it in households, hotels or shopping centres, government buildings, or even homes.

Since the company’s founding, we are the only air conditioning company.

As we have for the last 100 years, it has always been our aim to provide air-conditioning comfort to future generations.

Daikin Malaysia Sales & Service Sdn. Bhd. general manager Lee Wai Kok and managing director Lawrence Song have been with the company for many years, in a variety roles.

Continuous Innovation

Song says that Daikin Malaysia is a successful company in Malaysia, thanks to their numerous contributions to air conditioning.

Daikin Malaysia, he says, continues to “set a standard” in air conditioning units and their installation by creating strict guidelines and specifications that are followed by its local installers as well as external contractors.

In Malaysia, many air conditioning companies exist. Daikin, according to Song, is the company that strives to improve the quality of air conditioning in Malaysia.

The installation is by far the most important part of buying air conditioning systems or units. We place a great deal of emphasis on the quality of installation.

We are creating a platform where everyone can learn how to do good installations. This will’set the standards’ that every company should follow. When installation is done correctly, the product will last a long time.

He says that Daikin has its own academy and works with the government to upgrade installers’ knowledge and skills in various types of installation.

Daikin Malaysia also added innovative low-carbon refrigeration and inverter motors to their products. This is part of the company’s commitment to pioneering new practices and methods for the industry.

The only company that has won the Institution of Engineers Malaysia Award (IEM) twice for its contribution to the Engineering Industry in Malaysia in terms of innovation, sustainability and engineering expertise.

Daikin Malaysia Sales & Service Sdn. Bhd. general manager Lee Wai Kok and managing director Lawrence Song inspecting one of the air conditioning units.

Customer-first Approach

Daikin Malaysia Sales & Service Sdn Bhd General Manager Lee Wai Kok says that Daikin has been able adapt to the market changes in the last century thanks to a customer-centric strategy, and products and services which make people’s life easier and comfortable.

“Since the Covid-19 Pandemic, times have changed. We have witnessed many technological advances and changes in this time period, particularly in electrical and electronics products.

Daikin Air Conditioning Units now have WiFi built in.

This feature opens the door to future innovations. It allows us to integrate Internet of Things and smart home systems, and provide a number of useful features.

Lee says Daikin Malaysia also works on making the Go Daikin app a one-stop shop for all customer queries and needs.

He says, “We are working to create the best app for our customers that will allow them to control their air conditioners remotely and monitor energy consumption.”

We don’t only sell products. We also sell solutions. This is how we have evolved over the years.”

He explains that Go Daikin will integrate a number of features for customers, including a diagnostics feature for installers and contractors.

Daikin Air Conditioning Service Go Clean is one such feature that allows customers to book air conditioner cleaning services for the next day via the app.

Customers will receive a 60-day warranty on workmanship from Daikin Academy technicians.

Lee explains that Daikin Malaysia places great importance on its aftersales service. It has 10 branches and 3 service centres in the country to support all of its customers.

Daikin Malaysia puts a lot of emphasis on its after-sales services as it aims to make the lives of people easier and more comfortable. The company has 10 branches in Malaysia and three service centers to serve its customers.

Pioneering sustainability

Lee believes that Daikin Malaysia’s success over the years is due to its commitment to sustainable practices and initiatives.

“Our long-term objective is to achieve net-zero emissions of carbon by 2050. He says that this goal applies to both product development and manufacturing processes. To achieve this goal we have already implemented electric vehicles in all of our factories. We also get our suppliers to follow these initiatives in the procurement process.

He also adds that his company uses a heat reclamation system, which recycles hot air from air conditioners for use in heating water systems.

We have developed a system that uses the heat generated to heat water instead of using additional energy. This way, there is no energy waste. This is a system that can be used to heat water and then use it for washing, showering or cleaning.

Lee shares that his company is also looking to launch a refrigerant-recycling initiative to reduce carbon emissions caused by refrigerants released into the air.

Buy and Win Campaign

Daikin Malaysia’s Happy Daikin Buy & Win campaign, which runs between June 1 and August 31, offers customers the opportunity to win prizes by purchasing Daikin products.

Customers can participate by purchasing any Daikin ceiling or wall cassette air conditioner before registering for warranty and uploading a proof of purchase to Daikin’s website.

Grand prizes are 10 Daikin Gold Coins 10g 999.9, and consolation prizes are 100 Daikin Streamer MC30 air purifiers.

For more information, visit www.daikin.com.my

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