Chemical company fined RM100k for pollution

SEREMBAN: The maximum fine of RM100,000.00 was imposed on a chemical factory for dumping hazardous substances in the public drainage system.

The Department of Environment said Zhen Xing Plastic Sdn Bhd had been ordered to pay a fine after its managing directors pleaded guilty before Sessions Court Judge Mazni Nawi, on Wednesday (5th June).

The Environmental Quality Act of 1974 criminalized the owner of the premises located in the Senawang Industrial Park, near here.

The DoE reported that they received complaints from the public at around 1pm, on May 21, 2021. They complained of an odour as well as breathing problems.

“Our officers went there to inspect the source.

When we checked the chemical factory we found liquid discharged into the drains. We believe that this was due to the cleaning of chemical spills.

In a statement released on Thursday (6 June), it stated that “the liquid flowed then into Sungai Simen causing the smell”.

The DoE stated that two samples were taken from the drains and sent to Chemistry Department for testing.

It said that “it was found later that the samples contained methyl methacrylate, and fatty acids esters which were contaminated materials resulted in the cleanup of chemical spills.”

DoE stated that this caused problems to residents of Taman Perindustrian Senawang and surrounding areas, including Taman D’Latania Residence, D’vena Residence Taman D’Belsa, etc.

The statement said that there would be zero tolerance for anyone who pollutes the environment, and encouraged the public to report such activities.

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