Christie’s hackers do not post files after deadline has passed

The hackers who targeted Christie’s threatened to release an enormous amount of data on clients if the auctioneer did not pay a ransom before 11am New York Time on June 3rd. The deadline passed, but the hackers have yet to release any files on the dark net.

On May 27, the hacking group RansomHub took responsibility for the cyberattack on the auction house that occurred earlier in the month. The hackers posted a counter on their extortion website along with a message indicating that they would release client data on Monday morning, including passport and name details.

Three days later RansomHub adopted a new approach: it offered the data up for auction in an update to its dark web website. What happened to that effort is not known.

The criminal group claimed that Christie’s ceased communication after trying to reach “reasonable solutions”. A Christie’s representative did not immediately respond to an inquiry for comment.

The auction house sent an email to all clients who were affected, stating that although passport data was compromised, other information such as contact information, financial information, and, most importantly, information about transactions, had not been disclosed.

The auction house said in a letter to clients, which was reviewed by Bloomberg: “Please be assured that we take this incident very seriously.” “We have informed all relevant authorities including the UK Police (via ActionFraud), the FBI and other data protection regulators worldwide, where necessary.”

Christie’s had to deal with immediate consequences of the cyberattack but the damage appeared to be minimal. The incident happened on the eve before watch auctions were held in Geneva, and just days before Christie’s started important auctions at New York.

Christie’s sold US$115mil in art (RM540.32mil in RM) on a single May evening, despite this breach. The total sales for its May marquee weeks amounted to US$640mil.

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