Conille, the new Haitian PM, says that leaders have put aside their differences.

PORT-AUPRINCE – Haiti’s new interim prime minister Garry Conille announced on Monday that members of the new government were putting aside their differences in order to work together for the good the country. The country is battling a devastating crises fuelled by gang warfare.

The fighting between gangs has forced hundreds and thousands of people to leave their homes. Major ports have been closed, preventing the supply of essential food, medicine, and aid. This has intensified a food shortage that has pushed millions of people into hunger.

Conille said at a swearing-in ceremony in Port-au-Prince that “we are experiencing an interesting time for the Haitian nation, a period where political groups put aside their differences to serve the national interest.”

The leader, who was until recently the regional director of UNICEF’s U.N. agency for children, said that the first thing the members of the transition council told him was that there is no time to waste.

He spoke just days after he was named to the position, nearly three months after Ariel Henry, his predecessor in the post who resigned in Puerto Rico (a U.S. Territory near the island), resigned.

Henry traveled to Kenya to ensure Kenya would lead an international force in 2022 that he had requested to assist the national police in combating the gangs who have formed major alliances around the capital.

Conille, who is a member of Conille, said that the first meeting was a convivial one, despite the factional disagreements and threats.

He added that although the council members’ dispositions and energy in conversation were “encouraging”, “we have no illusions” about what lies ahead.

The next step will be to choose the new cabinet, and prepare the ground for the delayed deployment of Kenyan Police.

Conille was photographed alongside eight members of the council, while Laurent Saint-Cyr – who represented the business sector and did not vote for Conille – remained away, without giving a reason.

Haitian feminists groups have criticized the lack of female representation in the voting members of the council and the candidates interviewed for the position as prime minister. They have urged the new government to include women.

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