Construction projects boost special education by 50

PUTRAJAYA – The Education Ministry has implemented 50 projects involving construction of Special Education Integrated Programme buildings (PPKIs) across the country. This was announced by Deputy Education Ministry Wong Kah Woh.

The approved project is expected to benefit more than 1,925 special education students. It will be completed by 2026-2027.

He added that the 50 projects were part of the 12th Malaysia Plan.

In response to an increasing number of special needs students, the RMK-12 plan includes six PPKI rooms in all new primary and secondary schools.

After a Malaysian Skills Certificates (SKM) graduation ceremony for students who have special educational needs, he said: “A total 44 new mainstream school will benefit 1,995 special students through the construction 288 PPKI class.”

A new secondary vocational school (SMPKV), which will support Technical Vocational Education Training, is currently being built in Padawan. The facility is designed to accommodate 320 students and will provide a variety of relevant skills courses. The facility is expected to become fully operational in 2026, and include standard learning areas and enough dormitories.

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