Container with Israel-marking seized in transit

According to the Johor Customs Department, the container with the logo of a shipping company based in Israel is currently at Tanjung Pelepas port (PTP) and will be transited.

Aminul Izmeer Mohd Sohaimi, the director of the port, said that the authority had confirmed that the container was a transshipment one – that is to say a container in transit that is being transferred from one mode to another.

In a press release, he stated that “the cargo was going to be transported to its final destination from Malaysia.”

Aminul Izmeer, the director of the department, said that the department’s checks found no evidence of any trade entering Malaysia via the port’s export or import channel using the Israeli shipping container.

PTP, he said, is the largest transshipment port of Malaysia. It is also the second-largest port in Johor. The Free Zones Act 1990 has designated it as a free trading zone.

The Royal Malaysian Customs Department controls the exits and entries of the country. The Act does not apply to movement within the free-trade zone.

This means that the port authority controls the movement in these areas. He added that Port Tanjung Pelepas Sdn Bhd is the zoning authority in this case.

Aminul Izmeer, the director of the department, said that they always enforce control on import and export. This includes enforcing the Transport Ministry’s bans on shipping containers owned by Israeli companies. The incident was brought to light after Datuk Pandak Ahmed from Kota Iskandar said he had received a complaint claiming the port had allowed a ship docked with containers from Israel.

A container with the logo of the Israeli shipping company Zim, was also detained at the border crossing in Padang Besar (Perlis) and returned.

The Customs Department of the state said that the container was detained at around 12 noon on Sunday after a truck from a neighboring country went through the scanner.

The chicken is thought to have been intended for Malaysia.

State Customs Director Ismail Hashim stated that the consignment had been seized after the company’s logo was seen on the container. The consignment has since been re-examined and confirmed.

He said that the lorry, along with its container and contents, was ordered to return on Sunday.

On Sunday, Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia called for a probe into claims that containers with the Zim logo had been found at Iskandar Puteri’s port.

He urged the Transport Ministry on Tuesday to intensify monitoring of all Malaysian ports to prevent Israeli vessels from docking.

In December of last year, Prime minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim declared that with immediate effect the government will no longer accept ships that fly the Israeli flag in the country and that any ship that is en route to Israel will be prohibited from loading its cargo at Malaysian port.

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