Cyprus records its highest June temperature ever

NICOSIA, 6th June (Xinhua) – Cyprus experienced its hottest June day on Friday, with temperatures reaching an unprecedented 44 degrees Celsius. The Cypriot Meteorological Department released a statement.

The record temperature was 10 degrees Celsius higher than the average maximum temperature in June.

The temperatures began to rise at the start of the week, when hot air from the African deserts reached eastern Mediterranean island.

Cypriot weather forecasters said that temperatures exceeding 40 degrees Celsius would continue until the start of next week. They issued an orange alert to warn people about the dangers of direct sunlight and high heat. By the middle of next weekend, cooler weather is expected.

Local media reported that a 60-year old man with heat stroke symptoms was hospitalized.

Cyprus experiences high temperatures in the summer, and the highest temperature ever recorded was 46.2 degrees Celsius on September 4, 2020.

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