Czech train crash injures over 20 and kills 4.

Four people were killed and over 20 injured in a collision between a passenger and freight train late Wednesday evening in Pardubice, Czech Republic. Emergency and government officials confirmed this.

The crash, which happened after 11 pm (2100 GMT), in Pardubice along the main rail line from Prague to eastern Slovakia, caused at least 20 light injuries, and three more serious ones, according to Vit Rakusan, the Interior Minister.

According to the Railway Administration, the passenger train operated by RegioJet was traveling overnight from Prague in western Slovakia to Kosice.

Fire Rescue Services reported that more than 300 passengers were aboard. Dozens police, fire, and emergency services units responded to the incident, helping to evacuate carriages.

After the accident, footage on the news website revealed that at least one carriage was off the track. Meanwhile, the police posted on their X account on social media a series of emergency vehicles and a helicopter.

Czech Television quoted a spokesperson from the fire brigade who said the freight train carried calcium carbide. However, the first two wagons had been empty so there was no leak.

The Transport Minister Martin Kupka who traveled with the Interior Minister to the crash scene told a television briefing that an investigation was underway and it was still too early to speculate about the cause of the accident.

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