Deputy Chief Minister: Penang is waiting for the full report on Science and Mathematics teaching in BM.

GEORGETOWN: The state awaits a complete report from the Education Department regarding the teaching of Science and Mathematics (BM) to 11 Chinese secondary schools.

The state government, according to Deputy Chief Minister Mohamad Abd Hamid, has taken the concerns of the school boards into consideration.

In a Thursday (6 June) statement, he stated: “We recognize the importance of learning a language that is suitable for you. We are working with the Department to resolve the issue effectively.”

In Penang, he said that 50 secondary schools and 35 primary school were participating in the Dual Language Programme (DLP).

These issues were caused by the implementation of a rule that required at least one Science or Mathematics class to be taught in BM.

Dr Mohamad is the chairman of the state education committee. He said that a fair solution would be found so that all students could receive a quality education, for the benefit of future generations.

The boards and Parent-Teacher Associations from 11 Chinese secondary schools have stated that they are strongly against the forced implementation of at least a class in which BM is the language of instruction.

The majority of parents said they were opposed to the policy, and would not send their children into the class.

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