Disabled ehailing drivers gives statement about alleged assault on Bukit Aman

KUALA LUMPUR – The disabled ehailing chauffeur who claimed he had been assaulted by a security guard for a VIP has been summoned to Bukit Aman, where he will be asked to record his statement.

Ong Ing, 46, and Lawyers for Liberty representatives Latheefa K. Koya and N. Surendran arrived at 10.40am, Wednesday, June 5, with Lawyers for Liberty.

The police officers were on the scene to help with the investigation, as ordered by the Inspector-General Tan Sri Razarudin Husain. He said that all the people involved in the incident must come forward.

IGP said that police would conduct a thorough investigation, and that the alleged officer involved would be brought in.

Previously, Kuala Lumpur Police Chief Comm Datuk Rusdi Mohd Isa stated that they received a complaint from the driver who was disabled at 1pm on 28 May.

The victim claims that a member from a VIP security escort assaulted her while she waited for a client at the St Regis Hotel.

Comm Rusdi stated that the victim filed a second report with the police at 9.59pm on the same day. He claimed the matter was resolved amicably, and he didn’t want to prolong the investigation.

The victim claims that he received RM800 as a settlement.

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