Discovering the Charm of Venice at Casa Art Blu: A Unique B&B Experience

Casa Art Blu


Venice, a city of unparalleled beauty and history, offers visitors a tapestry of experiences. Amidst its labyrinth of canals and bridges lies Casa Art Blu, a bed and breakfast that epitomizes the Venetian way of life. Managed by two of the city’s most fashionable residents, Diego and Marco, this B&B is a portal to the authentic Venice, promising an experience that blends local culture with the comforts of modern living.

The Unique Appeal of Casa Art Blu

Prime Location: Perched above the vibrant Campo Santo Stefano, Casa Art Blu offers a vantage point unlike any other in Venice. The square, known for its dynamic atmosphere and historical significance, provides guests with immediate access to the city’s rich cultural tapestry.

Stylish Accommodations: Diego and Marco have infused each room with a unique blend of contemporary amenities and traditional Venetian craftsmanship. The result is a comforting space that reflects the city’s artistic heritage while providing all the modern comforts travelers seek.

Local Experience: The B&B’s integration with the Art Blu Cafe on the ground floor offers guests a unique opportunity to blend in with the locals. From the morning coffee ritual to the evening spritz, life at Casa Art Blu is synonymous with the Venetian experience.

Engaging with Venetian Culture

Authentic Venetian Breakfast: Starting the day with breakfast at the Art Blu Cafe allows guests to experience the morning routines of local Venetians. The cafe serves a variety of local specialties, providing a flavorful introduction to the day.

Evening Spritz al Bitter: As the day wanes, the cafe becomes a gathering spot for locals indulging in the traditional spritz al bitter. This Campari-based cocktail, a staple of Venetian social life, offers a perfect entry point into the local culture.

Explore the Surroundings: Beyond Campo Santo Stefano, Venice is a city of endless exploration. Guests are encouraged to wander its alleys, bridges, and canals, discovering hidden gems around every corner.

Why Choose Casa Art Blu?

Expertise and Passion: Diego and Marco are not merely hosts; they are custodians of Venetian culture, eager to share their knowledge and passion with guests. Their insights often lead visitors to experiences and locales unknown to the typical tourist.

Unmatched Location: The view of Campo Santo Stefano is mesmerizing, capturing the essence of Venice’s lively urban life. The central location also allows for easy access to major landmarks, making it a convenient base for exploration.

Quality and Comfort: Attention to detail is paramount at Casa Art Blu, from the elegantly appointed rooms to the curated breakfast offerings. Guests are treated to a level of care that stands out, ensuring a comfortable and memorable stay.

Guest Experiences

Testimonials from previous guests highlight the exceptional experience at Casa Art Blu. Many recount the warmth and hospitality of Diego and Marco, whose recommendations transformed their stay into an adventure. Others speak of the joy of morning coffees and evening cocktails among locals, feeling less like tourists and more like temporary residents of this magical city.

Tips for Enjoying Venice

Early Mornings: Venice is at its most serene in the early morning. Take advantage of this peaceful time to explore the city without the crowds.

Local Cuisine: Beyond the typical tourist restaurants, Venice hides countless culinary gems. Ask Diego and Marco for recommendations to experience authentic Venetian cuisine.

Hidden Gems: While St. Mark’s Basilica and the Rialto Bridge are must-sees, Venice’s true charm lies in its less frequented spots. Discover the city’s hidden gardens, quiet canals, and local artisan shops.

Cultural Events: Venice’s calendar is full of festivals and events. Participating in local traditions and festivities can offer a deeper understanding of the city’s heritage.


Casa Art Blu is more than just a bed and breakfast; it’s a gateway to the heart of Venice. With its unbeatable location, exquisite design, and the unparalleled hospitality of Diego and Marco, it promises an authentic Venetian experience. Whether you’re sipping a morning espresso as the city awakes or mingling with locals over a spritz, Casa Art Blu offers a unique blend of culture, comfort, and discovery, making it the perfect choice for travelers seeking to immerse themselves in the true spirit of Venice.

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