Dobevil and Dobemall mobile applications linked to two reports of losses exceeding RM500,000

Bukit Aman reports that two reports involving losses of over half a mil ringgit have been connected to the Dobemall or Dobevil applications.

Director of Bukit Aman’s Commercial Crime Investigation Division (CCID), Comm Datuk Seri Ramli Mohamed Yoosuf, ( pic), said the two reports involving RM540,000 worth of losses were filed in Selangor.

He stated that the victim of the Selangor incident was encouraged to download the app by his friend via TikTok, whereas in Sarawak the victim was instructed to do so after clicking a Facebook ad.

They were told to download the app and make purchases, with the promise that they would profit from every purchase.

They would see an increase in their commissions. He said that they were charged fees for withdrawing the money.

Comm Ramli said that both apps are being investigated and that Dobemall is still available to download.

The links between the apps are currently being investigated. We don’t deny that both apps could be operated by the same group.

He said that the CCID would work with the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission to remove the app, to prevent more people from falling victim.

Dobevil was highlighted in media reports after national mixed doubles badminton players Lai Pei Jing posted on social media that they had fallen victim to an investment fraud.

The scammer is thought to have used Dobevil.

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