Document shows that the German army will increase its Rheinmetall artillery order by 200,000.

BERLIN – The German army plans to order 200,000 artillery shells more than originally planned from arms manufacturer Rheinmetall, according to a letter from the Defence Ministry sent to the parliament’s Budget Committee on Tuesday.

In its letter, it was stated that the army planned to purchase 200,000 extra 155mm artillery rounds worth approximately 880 million Euros ($960 million). This is part of the framework agreement the army has with the defence company. The company had already signed a deal worth 1.2 billion euros for several hundred thousands of shells, fuses, and charges.

The new shells will be used to replenish the arsenals of the Ukrainian army as Germany supplies it as it battles the Russian military that invaded Ukraine in 2022.

While Western governments are beefing up their militaries and replenishing their stock after supplying weapons to Kyiv, Rheinmetall is experiencing a significant increase in orders. Its market value has quadrupled in the past four years.

The German Defence Ministry wants to make sure that Rheinmetall is able to set up a production line in Unterluess, a town located in central Germany.

Rheinmetall, a major producer of artillery shells and tank shells, increased production following the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The need for ammunition in Ukraine has caused a severe shortage, and European manufacturers are struggling to keep up with demand.

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