Double Six Tragedy Should be included in History textbooks

Aloysius Danim Siap, Sunduvan Sabah Chairman, said that the plane crash in which Sabah’s fifth Chief Minister, Tun Fuad Stevens, died along with 10 other people, should be included in history books of the country.

He said that the plane crash which occurred 38 years ago and is known as the “Double Six Tragic” because it took place on June 6 is part of Sabah’s darkest past, which should be taught.

He said that the incident had “dramatically changed” the political landscape in Sabah.

Isak Atan, Tengku Razaleigh’s private secretary (who was also the finance minister at the time), Kpl Said Mohammed (Fuad’s bodyguard), Capt Gandhi Nathan (the pilot), and Fuad’s oldest son Johari Stephens were all killed in this plane crash.

The aircraft was flying from Labuan towards Kota Kinabalu, when it crashed in Sembulan.

Siap stated that “we hope the Double Six Tragic can be taught to every school, so that the young generation doesn’t forget how it has affected our politics.”

Sunduvan Sabah, he said, will hold a memorial day on June 6 at 9am for the victims killed in the crash of the Nomad N-22B 9M ATZ plane. The monument, Double Six, was built on the spot where the plane crashed.

Siap said, “Please wear black as a symbol of solidarity.”

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