Dr M wants to open RCI proceedings, and disqualify panel members

PETALING JAYA – Former Prime Minister Tun Mahathir Mohamad filed a judicial appeal seeking an order disqualifying the chairman of Royal Commission of Inquiry on Batu Puteh due to alleged bias.

The legal team of Dr Mahathir has also requested that all proceedings in the RCI be made public.

The online application named Tun Md. Raus Shariff as the RCI Chairman, along with other members of the panel, including the RCI Secretary, as respondents.

The legal team of Dr Mahathir argued that the RCI was investigating his conduct and that he had been involved in those matters.

The application asks for a mandamus to direct the respondents to permit Dr Mahathir to be present at all RCI proceedings with his legal counsel.

The document also demands that all documents, witness list, and evidence be provided to Dr Mahathir’s legal team.

The legal team of Dr Mahathir is also seeking to prevent the first respondent, who is the RCI Chairman from doing so.

They also want to disqualify the third and sixth respondent from membership in the RCI.

The request asks for the suspension of RCI proceedings until a judicial review has been resolved.

A certificate of urgent filing has been made, asking for a speedy hearing at the Kuala Lumpur High Court’s Special Powers Division.

The RCI proceedings will be held on the 12th of June 2024. Dr Mahathir has been summoned to attend.

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