Dragon boat Festival is celebrated by the Chinese community in Kenya

NAIROBI (Xinhua), June 6 – To help strengthen Sino-Kenyan ties, the Chinese community in Kenya celebrated the upcoming Dragon Boat Festival at the Confucius Institute based on the University of Nairobi.

This event takes place on the 5th day of the 5th lunar month, according to the Chinese calendar. It falls on 10th June this year. The celebration includes the eating and preparation of Zongzi – a rice dumpling wrapped with plant leaves – as well as the watching of dragon boat races.

Zhang Zhizhong is the minister counselor and deputy head of mission at the Chinese Embassy to Kenya. He said the festival was one of the most important traditional festivals of Asia that could help strengthen the ties between Kenya and China.

Zhang stated that the dragon boat festival could be used as a symbol of the strengthening between Kenya and China.

Qin Minxue is a representative from the Chinese community of Kenya. She said that the celebrations of the Dragon Boat Festival help overseas Chinese stay in touch with their cultures. Qin said that the dragon boat festival is a special time because it allows families and friends to get together and enjoy a meal.

Iris Yu is another representative of Chinese community in Kenya. She said that this event is an opportunity to promote cultural cooperation between Kenyans and Chinese. The festival has cultural significance, she added, because eating Zongzi is thought to bring good fortune and keep away evil spirits.

Wang Shangxue is the director of the Confucius Institute of the University of Nairobi. He said that the growing Sino-Kenyan relations are a factor in the increasing popularity of the Dragon Boat Festival in Kenya.

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