EAIC chief: ‘Problematic civil servants’ at risk of early termination

SEPANG – The Enforcement Agency Integrity Commission may investigate the possibility of terminating civil servants who have poor integrity early by using powers granted under certain laws.

Tan Sri Ismail Bakar, chairman of the EAIC Coordination Meeting held with the heads of enforcement agencies on Thursday (June 13,) said: “We can use existing powers to see how we could terminate their service without a trial.”

He said that the EAIC believes officers who are problematic need to be replaced as there are other people who would like the job.

“We’re working to eliminate problematic officers from (government) agencies through early termination of service. It will be much easier to do our job if the government agrees.

We lost cases where we brought the case to court following an investigation. “With the applicable laws, they can be terminated immediately,” he said. He added that in the past, top officials who were problematic had been terminated using laws.

Ismail stated that the current practice of moving problematic officials from one department to another is a cycle. It may not deter these officers as they may repeat the wrongdoing in the new department.

“It’s also concerning that some civil servants or enforcement officers will use a third-party, such as an influential person or a company to cover up their wrongdoing. It is a fact that cartels monopolise and manipulate the market, especially when it comes rice, eggs and staple foods. This has resulted to losses for the country.

“What’s more tragic is that some of the higher-ups are complicit in their subordinates wrongdoing, and even led these activities. “Such deeds have tarnished civil service’s reputation,” he said.

He said that if the EAIC recommendations are not used by the enforcement agencies’ disciplinary bodies, this sends the message that the enforcement agencies don’t take eradication of wrongdoing seriously.

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