Ebit Lew’s defence claims prosecution dropped Mondy Tattoo rape case

KUALA LUMPUR – The prosecution has decided not to pursue the rape charge against Ebit Lew, a well-known preacher involving Indonesian Mondy tattoo.

Datuk Akberdin Abdul Kader who represents Ebit, whose full name is Ebit Ibrahim Irawan Lew, said that the police had investigated the case but the prosecution decided not to pursue the case.

He said that on Thursday (6 June), “Ebit won’t be charged in court. Even the case items including the mobile phone, sim card and other belongings to my client were returned yesterday.”

The police called a number of people to help with the investigation of allegations of sexual harassment, defamation, and slander against Ebit Lew and Mondy.

Caprice posted a video on Sept. 15th, the same year. It featured Mondy.

The video implied the plaintiff had engaged in sexual harassment, taken advantage of Mondy and was also irresponsible.

Ebit, the plaintiff claimed that Caprice, who is also the defendant, had maliciously published the videos without checking the facts with either him or his attorney.

After the publication of the video, Caprice’s YouTube followers allegedly made a number of negative comments, insults and slanderous statements.

The plaintiff claimed that Caprice and Mondy made defamatory remarks about him, which caused him to ridicule, mock, and be humiliated.

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