Education Minister: Engagement session to address DLP protests in Penang

Education Minister Fadhlina sidek announced that the Penang State Education Department had initiated a session to engage all parties in order to address concerns expressed by Parent-Teacher Associations about Dual Language Programmes (DLPs) at several Penang Schools.

Fadhlina stated in a press release on Thursday (6 June) that the DLP implementation is based on guidelines in the “Specialised Circular Year 2024: Guidelines for the Implementation DLP”, dated March 19,

She said, “The Education Ministry is aware of media reports about the protests against the DLP implementation in Penang schools.”

“Schools that implement the DLP should ensure that they provide opportunities to students who wish to study Science and Math in their mother tongue or national language.”

She said that the new academic session beginning in 2024/2025 will require schools to ensure that at least one class per year or form is taught and learned Science and Mathematics using national languages or mother tongues as the medium.

The DLP falls under the MBMMBI policy (Upholding the Malay Language Strengthening the English Language), which provides schools the option to use English for the teaching and learning of Science and Mathematics (PdP).

It aims to improve the English language proficiency of students by increasing their exposure through PdP in Science and Mathematics.

On Wednesday, June 5, officials from various school boards and PIBGs in Penang held a protest press conference against the DLP implementation in many schools.

Foo Wan P’ng, secretary of the Chung Ling Board of Directors, said that parents of 400 Form One students of SMJK Chung Ling prefer their children to study Science and mathematics in English.

Foo was one of the 11 SMJK representatives and Chinese secondary schools from Penang who were against the directive to set up at least one class for Science and Maths to be taught in BM in order to conduct the DLP.

Members of school boards, PIBGs and PIBGs urged Education Ministry to remove the directive. They said that there would be little interest if Science or Mathematics was taught in BM.

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