El Musk is sued by fired SpaceX employees for workplace abuses

SAN FRANCISCO Workers terminated by SpaceX have filed a suit accusing Elon Musk and his company of fostering a sexist, “Dark Ages”, culture.

The civil complaint filed before a California court located in Los Angeles alleges that Musk terminated the workers after they published a letter outlining their concerns, and urging the board of the American aerospace company to distance themselves from SpaceX’s chief executive.

The court filing states that “Elon Musk proclaims SpaceX to be the leader of a brave, new world in space travel.”

“But (he), runs his company in a dark age – treating women like sexual objects, evaluating them on their bra sizes, bombarding the office with lewd sexual banter and telling those who don’t agree to the ‘Animal House” environment to find employment somewhere else if they do not like it.”

Musk and SpaceX are accused of sexual harassment, wrongful termination, retaliation and discrimination.

In a press release, plaintiffs’ lawyer Laurie Burgess stated that Musk believes he is above the law. “We are looking forward to holding Musk responsible for his actions in court.”

Musk has filed a lawsuit to stop the complaint.

In a statement, plaintiff Paige Holland Thielen stated that “filing this lawsuit marks an important landmark in our quest for Justice, for holding leaders accountable, and for implementing changes in workplace policies responsible for our colleagues who continue to toil under a hostile working environment.”

We hope this lawsuit will encourage our colleagues to remain strong and continue fighting for a more favorable workplace.

The filing stated that SpaceX will terminate each of the eight former employees represented in the lawsuit by 2022.

According to the lawsuits and complaints made to regulators, SpaceX fostered a hostile workplace where jokes regarding sexual harassment were commonplace. Women were also paid less than their male counterparts and those who complained were fired.

Plaintiffs’ lawyers said that “Musk intentionally and knowingly created a hostile work environment by interjecting in the workplace vile, sexual photos, memes and commentary which denigrated women or the LGBTQ+ community,”

The engineers complain about a sexist culture in the workplace, where sexual remarks and other forms were made fun of or tolerated.

Also, they claimed that Musk’s inappropriate online humor was being imitated in the workplace.

SpaceX didn’t immediately respond to an inquiry for comment.

Tesla, Musk’s second flagship company, was also the target of similar allegations of racism and harassment at its California facility. AFP

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