Employers in Ayer Keroh have one year to provide living quarters for workers from abroad

Datuk Seri Ab Rauf Yusoh says that employers within the Ayer Keroh industrial park have one year to provide their migrant employees with a comfortable living environment.

The Melaka Chief minister said that the state government is looking to replace temporary quarters with safer, cleaner and more systematic hostel concepts.

He said that the employer will have until the end of next year to meet the minimum standards set by the Housing and Amenities Act, 1990. The “I-Asrama Ecopark Hostel”, a pioneering centralised work quarters (CLQ), with its high-quality amenities was opened at the Ayer Keroh Industrial Park on Monday (10th June).

The hostel, which has 272 units, was built by PDG Property Group. It received its Certificate for Completion and Compliance in June.

Ab Rauf stated that employers had until April this year to transfer foreign workers to CLQ, but the deadline was extended to next year.

Ab Rauf stated that the state government targets 40 additional CLQ in the state.

According to the latest data, Melaka is home to 60,000 foreign workers. The state Labour Department aims to shift 40,000 of them to CLQ within next year.

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