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JOHOR BARU: Malaysia’s Halal sector is too focused on food and beverages, so Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi says that more efforts should be made in order to introduce halal items into other categories.

According to the Deputy Prime minister, 87% of the halal products in the country are food and beverages.

I hope we can get beyond that.

“During my work trips abroad, I noticed that there was a high demand of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products… we can not only produce the ingredients used to make these products, but we can also try to come up with more Malaysian made halal cosmetics.

He said yesterday that a goal of 50% halal food and beverages in the next ten years, with the remaining 50% being non-food items was possible.

Ahmad Zahid said that the Prime Minister of China and his Deputy Prime minister also committed to marketing Malaysian Halal products in China to its 1.4 billion population during their recent 11-day visit.

According to them, Fortune 500 companies and other Chinese companies are willing to assist Malaysia in this.

He added that “our halal players should seize the opportunity to penetrate China’s huge market with high-quality halal products. Such products, due to their hygienic preparation and strict process, are accepted by both Muslims and non Muslims alike.”

He had earlier told the Islamic Development Department, Jakim, to issue the halal certification within 15 days of the launch of the Halal on Track program at the Persada Johor International Convention Centre.

He said that Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim had previously instructed Jakim to finish the approval process in 30 days to address complaints about slow halal certificates issuance. However, the agency was able complete it in 23 days last year.

“I give Jakim a challenge: complete the approval within 15 days of the application date.

He said that Jakim and the Halal Development Corporation should work together to meet the 15-day deadline.

He said that the shorter approval period could put pressure on Jakim, but he believed they would be up to the challenge.

Ahmad Zahid, on a separate issue, said that the government will consider tax incentives to businesses investing in halal industries within the Johor Singapore Special Economic Zone (JS SEZ).

Anwar said that the Deputy Prime Minister would discuss the issue with him at today’s Cabinet meeting.

“The Johor Mentri Besar (Datuk Onn Hafiz Ghazi) has made a request for a tax holiday. I will “whisper” it to the PM so that the matter is given proper consideration.

Ahmad Zahid stated, “I will follow up… He may include (the tax holiday as) one of the incentives provided to halal players in his Budget speech 2025 in October.”

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