Fadhlina: DLP’s engagement session in Penang received very positive feedback from stakeholders

KEPALA BATAS – The Penang State Education Department received positive feedback from all stakeholders about the Dual Language Programme in various schools of the state.

Fadhlina sidek, the Education Minister, said that the sessions were held to better understand the needs and concerns of all parties. She also emphasized the importance of adhering to the guidelines.

“We have stressed that guidelines must be adhered to.” The engagement sessions are therefore very important. Penang State Education Department went down again to clarify the issue after it was published. These engagement sessions are part of a continuing process.

The feedback received from the Penang State Education Department’s engagement sessions with the parties involved after the issue was raised has been very positive. “I think we need these engagement sessions to ensure that everything runs smoothly,” she said after presiding over the Penang Mutiara Media Club Family Day in a Bertam water theme park on Sunday (9 June).

She commented on the development following actions taken by the School Board and Parents and Teachers Associations of 11 primary and Secondary vernacular Schools in Penang who requested that the Education Ministry respect the parents’ wishes and to return to the original intention of the DLP for Science and Mathematics.

The DLP falls under the “Upholding the Malay Language, and Strengthening English Language” policy (MBMMBI), and gives schools the choice to use English when teaching Science and Math.

Fadhlina also said that the Penang State Education Department is investigating an incident in which a student allegedly was punished for nearly three hours under the scorching sun at a recent school.

“We also turned the matter over to authorities and the investigation will be conducted by police.” The investigation and any subsequent action is in the hands the police.

She said, “A police report was filed and we will leave it up to them as to what they do next.”

Local media reported the mother of the student claimed that her child had suffered heatstroke and nervous issues. She was also given a referral to be evaluated as Persons with Disabilities due to the health problems caused by the incident.

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