Fadhlina will meet with 11 vernacular schools boards and PTA to discuss BM science classes

NIBONG TEBAL: Education minister Fadhlina sidek will meet the boards and the parent-teacher associations of 11 Chinese-medium schools to discuss a solution for the implementation of science and mathematics classes being taught in Bahasa Malaysia.

Fahmi Fadzil, a spokesman for the federal government, said that he had spoken with Fadhlina about the matter. He added that Fadhlina has stated that her ministry would meet with the boards of the secondary schools and the parent-teacher associations to find a resolution to the problem.

The Minister of Communication said he had also instructed the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission to monitor social media in order to detect racially charged comments about this issue.

He said that he did not want to see any party politicise what was a real opinion, after the Sembang Santai Programme here with Komuniti Madani Chiefs on Thursday (6 June).

He stated that the only issue at hand was the opposition to the implementation of the ruling that requires science and math classes to be taught exclusively in Bahasa Malaysia.

Fahmi said then that those who post racist comments on social media will be punished.

On Wednesday (5 June), 11 SMJK schools and Chinese secondary school in Penang stated that they were not in favor of the new directive which requires at least one Science and Mathematics class to be taught in Bahasa Malaysia. This is a prerequisite for DLP.

Parents were concerned that imposing this requirement would negatively affect their children’s academic performance.

Fahmi stated that before selecting the Pakatan Harapan nominee to contest for the Sungai Bakap state seat, a meeting will be held to finalise a number of matters.

Pakatan’s director of communications said that the preparations for this by-election were proceeding smoothly.

The Election Commission announced on Thursday that the polls will be held on July 6 and Nomination Day on June 22.

The Penang State Legislative Assembly’s Speaker Datuk Law Choo Kiang notified the Election Commission of the vacant Sungai Bakap State seat following the death Assemblyman Nor Zamri Latiff.

On the grounds of the State Assembly, Dr Siti Nazaariah Abdul Zallim, director of Penang EC was given a notice.

Nor Zamri (56), died on May 24, at 1:38 pm, while being treated at the Hospital Seberang Jaya’s intensive care unit for inflammation of the stomach.

In the state elections of August 2023, Nibong Tebal PAS’s chief won 15,433 votes. He defeated Pakatan Harapan leader Nurhidayah Chere Rose by 1,563 votes.

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