Fadillah: We will use AI to monitor and improve river quality.

PUTRAJAYA – Artificial Intelligence technology (AI) will be used in order to improve river quality monitoring throughout the country.

The National Water Research Institute of Malaysia will lead this initiative, said Datuk Seri Datuk Fadillah.

“Nahrim developed a smart artificial intelligence system for rating and classifying rivers in Malaysia.

He told a news conference yesterday that the system could be used by authorities in river basins across the country to monitor the water quality.

Fadillah Fadillah is the Energy Transition and Water Transformation minister. During the meeting, he said that the state of the river quality in the country and the action plans for river basin management was discussed.

He said that four papers had been presented at the first meeting.

This special committee has an important role to play in ensuring that management actions and steps are taken for the implementation strategies of improving river water quality in an integrated way.

He added that “this committee will act as a forum to share information and good practices which can improve the quality of river water”.

Fadillah stated that the meeting agreed to hold a workshop for refining matters related to river administration, legislation, regulations and policies.

“We agreed to hold a workshop a month after today (yesterday), involving the federal and state government as well as local authority.

He said that the committee had also stressed the importance of implementing an integrated river basin management plan to help improve water quality.

He said that 25 of the 672 monitored rivers in the United States by the Environment Department were classified as polluted.

He said that polluted river water was detected in six states: Kedah Penang Selangor Kuala Lumpur Johor Sarawak.

Among the polluted rivers are Sungai Bakar Arang in Kedah, Sungai Jawi (Penang), Sungai Buloh (Selangor), Sungai Kerayong (Kuala Lumpur) and Sungai Adong (Sarawak).

Fadillah stated that the rivers polluted are classified as Water Quality Index Class III and IV due to various organic pollutants including wastewater from domestic, industrial and commercial activities.

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