Fahmi says MCMC will investigate documents leaked in Zayn’s murder case

Fahmi Fadzil, a spokesperson for the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission in Johor Bahru, said that the MCMC will be working with the police on the investigation of the alleged leaks on Telegram regarding the murder case against Zayn Rayedan Abdul Matiin.

The Minister of Communications said that the court case involving this leak could lead to action being taken against those responsible.

“I have not yet received any information about the case, but MCMC will contact the police to investigate possible actions against the involved parties.

“We don’t know if the documents that were distributed were real or fake.”

He said at a press briefing during the “Sembang Santai” program on Friday, June 14, that if it was true, there were parties who needed to explain themselves. If not, he added, action should be taken against anyone spreading misinformation and lies.

This was in response to a query about whether the MCMC will take any action following the leak of documents from local watchdog Edisi’s Telegram.

Fazli is the spokesperson for the government and urges people to leave it to the authorities.

This case has been brought before the court. Let the court do its job and fulfill their responsibilities. We should also refrain from making any speculative statements,” he added.

Edisi siasat shared the investigation documents of the case via Telegram on June 13th, which have since been circulated on social media.

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