Father disowns gambling-addicted, debt-ridden son

KUALA LUMPUR – A 67-year old man was forced to disown his son because of his gambling addiction and his substantial debts.

Wong Yock Sang, a retired man, said that his 35-year old son was a chronic gambling who borrowed money from loan sharks in order to finance his lifestyle.

“I spent my entire life savings to pay his RM240,000 in debt by 2019 because he promised he would change his ways.

He said, “I had to work as an ehailing chauffeur as my savings were gone,” at a Wisma MCA press conference organized by MCA Public Services and Complaints Department Head Datuk Seri Michale Chong on Thursday (6 June).

Wong stated that his son, shortly after paying the debts, went to a rehab center for gamblers. He appeared to have turned a new page.

“However on June 2, I found that someone posted a picture of my wife with me on Facebook. The caption was ‘wanted.’

“I received a phone call from my son who told me that an ah-long had contacted him and said his brother owed them RM12,000 in debt. He said that the ah-long threatened to hire a group to go after us if we did not pay.

Wong claimed that another, ah-long, sent him a WhatsApp, saying that the same son owed RM1,200.

“Honestly, I have no idea how many people he owed.

It is difficult to break my relationship with my child. “It breaks my heart but I had no choice,” he said. He added that he filed a police complaint about the threats.

Another case involved a single mother Chai Siw Won (34), who was forced to flee in fear because of her ex-husbands debt.

We divorced in about 2022, after a marriage of 10 years. His drug addiction and neglect to family led to our divorce.

“Ah Longs began harassing us in April of this year, claiming that my ex-husband owed more than RM5,000 to them.

She said that “even after I explained to the ah-longs that I no longer was married to him, they refused to accept this and threatened me and my daughters”

She claimed that the ah-long even left letters in her mailbox, as well as those of her neighbors, stating that her ex-husband had loaned her money.

She said, “I’ve filed a police report about the matter.”

Chong has been dealing with 140 ah-long cases over the past 30 years, involving RM10.8mil of losses.

“We received 38 new cases in just March.” If they couldn’t target the debtors directly, they would then go after their family members.

He said that they had previously used paint or diesel to spread information about debtors. Now, however, they print it out and distribute it to people who knew him.

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