Felda will assist MACC in its probe, but says that no land has been sold in Melaka

KUALA LUMPUR – The Federal Land Development Authority says that no land under its jurisdiction in Melaka has been transferred to another party or sold through a syndicate.

Felda said in a statement released on Wednesday (12 June) that, to date, none of their employees have been involved in an investigation by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission.

Felda allegedly owned 258.9ha in Bukit Kitil, Melaka, which the syndicate sold.

The statement stated that “Felda would provide full cooperation to authorities in order to ensure the investigation is carried out correctly.”

It was reported on Tuesday, June 11, that the MACC had detained eight people in Kuala Lumpur as well as Sabah. The bribery involved RM2mil of a syndicate who sold Felda land to Melaka.

MACC sources said that three brokers, a director of a company and two other people, aged between 20 and 50, acted in the middle to pay bribes worth almost RM2mil to two bank officials.

According to reports, the money was given as an incentive for Felda to open bank accounts in his name.

The accounts used Felda’s brand to convince buyers that the sale was real and involved Felda. They would then pay the accounts.

The source said that the action of the bank officers in working with the syndicate led to the sale of 260ha Felda land valued at RM400mil last year, located in Bukitkatil, Melaka.

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