Finance Ministry: Fleet card for subsidised Diesel has a litre limit

PUTRAJAYA – The Fleet Card issued under the Subsidised diesel Control System (SKDS), for 33 types public transport and goods vehicle, has a maximum filling limit expressed in litres rather than total value, according to the Finance Ministry.

Deputy Finance minister Lim Hui Ying stated that details about the utilisation the fleet card will be announced by Finance II Datuk Seri Amir Hamzah Azizan.

“There is no limit for the amount of liquids (value), only in terms litres. I believe we should wait until Finance Minister II (Amir), makes an announcement. She said, “We have yet to set that limit.”

Lim said this to reporters after opening the 4th Malaysia Tax Policy Forum, organised by the International Strategy Institute on Tuesday (June 11,).

The government announced last Sunday, June 9, that the retail price for diesel in Peninsular Malaysia will be RM3.35 a litre as of June 10, under the targeted subsidy scheme. Diesel prices in Sabah Sarawak and Labuan will be capped at RM2.15 a litre.

The government, as part of the rationalisation of diesel subsidies, has set the prices for certain sectors. SKDS 2.0, for logistic vehicles, is RM2.15 a litre. SKDS 1.0, for land public transportation, such as school buses, buses for express, ambulances and fire engines, remains at RM1.88 a litre. Subsidised diesel for fisherman was kept at RM1.65 a litre.

When asked about complaints by private diesel vehicle owners who felt that the RM200 cash subsidy per month under the Budi-Madani initiative is insufficient, Lim responded that it was sufficient based on the studies and engagements conducted.

She said that the RM200 amount would remain for the time being, but it would be reviewed after feedback to determine if an increase was needed.

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