Finance Ministry: RM200 Budi Madani monthly assistance is enough for most Malaysians

Datuk Seri Amir Hamzah Azizan says that the monthly cash assistance of RM200 Budi Madani should be enough to offset the rise in diesel prices for the majority of Malaysians.

The Finance Minister II said at a Sunday (9 June) press conference that RM200 was enough to cover 80% diesel vehicle owners based upon consumption patterns. Statistics Department data is used.

He said that anyone who feels the amount is not enough can also appeal to the Ministry.

The first recipients of the Budi Madani cash aid will be 30,000 diesel car owners.

By June 8, over 30,000 applications had been approved for the assistance.

Amir Hamzah said there is no deadline for applications to the Budi Madani initiative.

He also said that the cash assistance is limited to only one vehicle per person.

He said that in addition to the Budi Madani cash support, he would continue to provide subsidised diesel via fleet cards to eligible logistic vehicles at RM2.15 a litre to reduce any effect on the price of consumer goods.

He said that diesel will still be subsidised for public land transport including school buses and express buses as well as ambulances, hearses, and fire engines, at RM1.88 a litre.

He stated that the subsidised diesel price for fishermen remains at RM1.65 a litre.

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