Five people are arrested in a land fraud investigation, including two civil servants

Five male suspects, including two civil servants, were arrested in Kota Baru for allegedly being part of a land fraud case involving forged documents.

The suspects were arrested after a report on a land fraud involving Form 14A documents used in land transfers. This was reported by Kelantan Police Chief Comm Datuk Muhamad Zaki Harun on May 31, 2017.

In this case, a director at a local firm suspected that her siblings had forged their signatures on Form 14A documents transferring the land of her family, measuring 0.051ha.

He said that the land was sold without the victim’s knowledge to three buyers, resulting in a RM400,000 loss.

Bernama reported that Comm Muhamad Zaki said that all suspects had been remanded in custody for six days, under Section 420 Penal Code.

Two 37-year old men were arrested by the police last Saturday in Kota Baru, Rantau Pantjang and elsewhere for allegedly taking part in two cases of gold fraud.

Two Thai women aged 60 were deceived into purchasing two fake gold chains. One was sold for RM4,000, and the other for RM3,500.

He said that “the victims only discovered the gold was fake when they checked with a goldsmith.”

He claimed that police investigations revealed that the group in question and other scammers were all involved.

He said that the two suspects were remanded for an investigation under Section 420 (Penal Code) from Sunday to Thursday.

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