Former chief statistician Shaari Ab Rahman has passed away

PUTRAJAYA – According to the Department of Statistics Malaysia, Datuk Shari Abdul Rahman, the fourth chief statistician of Malaysia died on Monday (3 June).

DOSM released a statement Tuesday (4 June) stating that Shaari will be buried in the Sungai Buloh Gajah 11 Muslim Cemetery, Selangor. He held this position from 1995 until 2004.

DOSM reported that “Chief Statistics Datuk Dr Mohd Uzir Mahidin expressed his sadness at the death of Shaari, who began his statistician career on May 1, 1970.”

DOSM stated that Shaari’s efforts during his tenure in the department included strengthening the department’s services and role at the state-level as a “frontline” in data collection, and introducing information and communication technologies (ICT) for the processing and online transmission of data through the File Transfer Protocol.

DOSM claims that the deceased improved the Organisation Registration System, or Sidap. He also adapted the system’s use to the DOSM state in 1995.

DOSM reported that under Shaari’s leadership in 2000, the MS ISO 9002:1994 was awarded for the quality services provided by DOSM, including the collection, processing and interpretation of Consumer Price Indexes and other Consumer Price Statistics.

Shaari, according to the department, continued to be a statistician advisor in the Prime Minister’s Department after retiring in September 2004. He also served on the board of four Felcra subsidiaries.

DOSM will never forget the contributions and dedicated services of the deceased in particular in strengthening the statistics system to help the country prepare its social-economic policies and planning,” said the statement.

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