Former Hawaii man accused of using Instagram to sextort someone

The US Department of Justice is requesting that an Arizona man be held without bail for allegedly targeting a Honolulu woman over a period of more than a decade using sexually explicit pictures and one of more than 100 Instagram profiles.

Dustin Hill, 24 years old, was indicted on May 16, 2015 for a single count relating to sexual exploitation of an infant. He was initially charged April 24 by criminal complaint with production/attempted creation of child pornography.

He will be arraigned today and enter a guilty plea before US Magistrate judge Rom A. Trader. Hill lived in Hawaii with his parents until about 2017.

According to the indictment, Hill convinced a girl aged 13 between Nov 2, 2020 and Nov 15, 2021 “to engage sexually explicit behavior for the purposes of producing a video depiction of this conduct and for transmitting a real-time visual representation” of her behaviour.

According to an affidavit written by an agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the girl was taking part in a Child Adolescent Forensic Interview in November 2021 about another paedophile when she informed authorities about Hill.

The FBI confirmed that the girl was 13 years old when she was allegedly targeted.

The girl said she “met” Hill virtually when he “found her and began following on Instagram”, leading to direct messages between the two.

The girl said that Hill’s Instagram account was called “Keith and a bunch numbers”. According to court documents, Hill had 10 Instagram accounts.

In November 2020, Hill allegedly told the girl to send him an Instagram direct message “of herself naked” or he’d hurt her family.

The photo had to show her from the bottom up. Hill told the girl that after he had the picture, she needed to have a video chat with him. Otherwise, he would send it to her family to tell them what the girl did.

The girl followed Hill’s explicit sexual instructions. Hill left the girl alone for a few months after their video chat. Hill reappeared, contacted the girl and sent her a screenshot showing the girl’s behaviour during the video chat. He threatened to send the screenshot to the girl’s family if the girl didn’t comply.

Hill, according to court documents, “repeatedly abused her and forced her to send him naked pictures of herself and engage in naked video chats with him about two to four time per month for more than a year”.

Hill allegedly demanded that the girl perform sexually explicit acts on video or pictures, and threatened to harm her family and her younger cousin if she did not listen to him.

A federal criminal complaint includes an alleged excerpt of Hill’s Instagram account between June 14, 2021 and 16th, 2021. It details conversations in which the girl calls Hill “daddy”, while he demands that more graphic content is created and sent to him.

Hill allegedly provided federal agents with a statement that stated, “while he was on Instagram, he chatted with underage girl, meaning girls under 18 years of age”, and requested “nude pictures” including private parts.

I would tell them how to pose and what to do in a nude state and do live video calls on Instagram. Hill wrote: “If they didn’t want to send me images, videos or live calls, I would threaten that the images or videos would be exposed online.” It wasn’t every girl I spoke to online.

Hill’s lawyer, First Assistant Federal public Defender Craig W. Jerome did not immediately respond to the Honolulu Star-Advertiser‘s request for comments. The case is being prosecuted by Assistant US Attorney Marshall H. Silverberg.

Hill faces criminal forfeiture proceedings in relation to anything he gained or got from exploiting the girl.

This includes “but isn’t limited to” a black be quiet’ tower PC, a white Apple iPad Mini, a Black Apple iPhone, a Black Samsung Galaxy Core Prime smartphone, two gray or silver Dell laptops a dark colored iPhone, a pair of keys, an Apple Watch, a brown Runbox Wallet, and US$71.

In Hawaii and throughout the US, sextortion is on the increase. This crime, which does not have a federal statute, has become a growing problem.

The National Center for Missing & Exposed Children’s CyberTipline has received 186 819 reports in 2023 of online enticement. This category includes sextortion.

According to the center, the number of online enticement report increased by 323% between 2021 and 2023.

Sextortion is a crime where an offender “forces a minor into creating and sending sexually explicit videos or images”. – The Honolulu Star-Advertiser/Tribune News Service

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